Lachandra Baker

Get to know our President, Lachandra B. Baker!

Get to know our President, Lachandra B. Baker!
Where do you work?
Cardinal Health

What kind of communicator are you? (internal/marketing/media/events, etc) Employee Communications Manager and Business Partner

Why are you a part of IABC?
I believe it is very important to have a professional organization where you can grow and develop your skills. It is also a wonderful place for networking and connecting socially. Relationships built in IABC can last a lifetime. Your next job could be waiting for you at a future Happy Hour!

One of your top 5 proudest career moments:
One of my top five proudest career moments was winning a silver and bronze quill for a communications project that helped our executive leadership show a more vulnerable side and engage with the front line in a more effective and relatable way. I believe trust and loyalty has such a powerful connection and when an employee feels like their leader is real and connects to them personally, the loyalty increases and the productivity does as well. Customers can see when employees are happy. They will spend more money with an organization that has proud and engaged employees!

If you were a superhero, what would your power be?
Without a doubt, it would be the power to diffuse anger and build understanding! I would come into a volatile situation and use my power of love and persuasion to change hearts and minds. Collaboration and connection would soon follow, then there wouldn’t be anything we couldn’t accomplish together! The world would forever be changed for the better!

Why did you want to be a communicator?
I fell in love with words at a very young age. I am still a total nerd for language. I’ve had a Dictionary.Com subscription for many years and I’ve challenged myself to learn and use a new word every day! Over the years, I’ve realized how much more is conveyed with body language, tone of voice and facial expression. The combination of all of these things became an utter fascination of mine. Studying communication and how diverse audiences receive it is both my profession and my passion. I am excited to see how this continues to evolve over time as many more tools for communication are introduced into the world and the most basic forms of communication seem to be taking a step backwards.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I love the idea of Fiji! That is more for visiting, however. If I could actually live anywhere, I think it would be London. I love everything British and I’ve been told for years that I would do well in the UK! It would also be SO much easier to visit other parts of Europe living there.
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